Novel Name : Daddy's Second Chance

Chapter 30 Aftermath

  Seraphina’s POV       “What is happening here?! Seraphina!”       My superior, Natalie, walked in on us tangled in a very messy situation. I’m still pulling on Lilian’s hair while Sophia is hitting my back.       “Please! Help us! Seraphina is hurting my daughter!” Sophia pleaded towards Natalie.       That’s when I let go of Lilian who sobbed in the corner holding her hair on her hand. I fixed myself and my clothes and looked at Natalie who’s waiting for my

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Daddy's Second Chance Chapter 30 Aftermath

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In Daddy's Second Chance Chapter 30 Aftermath,The plot has begun to change, and the relationship between the male and female protagonists is in crisis. What will they do next? Follow Daddy's Second Chance Chapter 30 Aftermath novel and the updates in the next chapter by

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