Novel Name : Blinded

Episode 4-The Doctor

  A few days have gone by, tedious ones at that, plus these girls are very scandalous, their moans never cease to echo in their rooms. It seems that here the boredom overcomes it in the bed, the Rapha this is becoming hornier and hornier. I have been quite disappointed, they have left me a little bit aside, and I don’t mean that I want to be carried along by his schemes because I am a traditional girl. My ideal is

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Blinded Episode 4-The Doctor

The Blinded by has been updated to Episode 4-The Doctor

In Blinded Episode 4-The Doctor,The plot has begun to change, and the relationship between the male and female protagonists is in crisis. What will they do next? Follow Blinded Episode 4-The Doctor novel and the updates in the next chapter by

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