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These coloring books are a 3D live animation that comes to life as you read. Not only will you and your child read and color, but also listen and watch an animated story via a mobile app.
All you will need is your coloring book & a mobile apple or android device such as iPhone, iPad, iPod or Tablet.
Simply download the free 3D app for each book and get ready to be taken into a 3D dimension of a story that comes to life.
Your child and you will love the experience. See below for all the different options. 


“ These books are simply a find for parents who want to make their children busy with something that is not only interesting, but useful! We bought the book "The princes and her friends" as a present for birthday of our daughter Veronica. As soon as we heve shown her how to use this book her joy knew no bounds! The book is wonderful the characters dance and sing. Now days children are very lucky! In our times we had no such cool things.
“I recommende to every boy to have this great books! Our favorite - "The Legend of the Knight". Finally our dad began to spend more time with his son, it is also very interesting for him to understand how the book works and play with the characters. Battles fights, evil wizards and comrades carry my child away for a long time. Do not hesitate, and be sure to indulge your child with one of these books. They are not only interesting, but also perfectly develop ingenuity and thinking.
“Our youngest son is just crazy about dinosaurs! The book is just amazing! So much information, everything is interesting and well discribed. You read it, and fell like your somewhere in the middle of Jurassic Park. We sorted it out quickly, with the app and installation, and than the whole family was fascinated by the book for couple of hours. The great thing is that you can play with the book, and play for a longtime! It's intersting to read the text itself, and then reveal so many opportunities for playing this 3D world of dinosaurs!